The core of After the Chase is husband and wife duo, Nathan and Jenna Strong. 10 years ago, they met and fell in love while learning to lead worship at a church in Santa Rosa, CA. Over the years, they have grown in musicianship, in ministry, and in waist size. :-) As worship leaders and performers, their approach to music is unique. When performing live, they bring more than music to the stage -- they add drama and stories to their songs -- and also mix in their own quirky sense of humor to every concert. When leading worship, they point towards Jesus as the one person who has the power to change us, and in changing us, to change the world.

With a passion for short term missions, for the environment, and for social justice, Nathan and Jenna strongly believe that a life of faith is useless unless that faith is expressed in real, concrete action.

Their recently released third album "You Are My Child" captures in song their emotions and journeys of the last few years... their songwriting is skillful, beautiful, gritty, and winsome all at once. The album's title speaks volumes about the content -- they recently had their first child, and many of the songs were inspired by that experience, but the message in the album is definitely a message of love from God to us. Produced by veteran producer Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay, JJ Heller), this album takes ATC's music to a new level.

The name of the band, After the Chase, comes from an old Southern saying about romance: "He chased her until she caught him." "Throughout our lives," says Nathan, "we find ourselves chasing after God, only to find that God has been catching us all along. Our music is our response to being caught up in the unconditional love offered to every one of us by the Creator of the universe."

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After the Chase also includes:

Gary Huntsman
Our incredible drummer & hand percussionist


Special guests from time to time include:

GT Albright
Wow, what a drummer!

Matthew Nalywaiko
Our awesome bass player

Andy Cater
On occasion he steps in to beautify
our music with the keyboard

Gary Krohn
Electrifies the stage with his violin

Jack Pryor
Singer, songwriter